How to Create an Effective PPC Marketing Campaign

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How to Create an Effective PPC Marketing Campaign

How to Create an Effective PPC Marketing Campaign

How to Create an Effective PPC Marketing Campaign

Not sure how to put together a successful pay-per-click strategy? Read on for a guide to creating an effective PPC marketing campaign for your business.

Think you don’t need PPC marketing to pull ahead in the search ranking game?

Think again. As a matter of fact, 64.6% of consumers click on Google ads while shopping online.

Don’t let your website and company fall behind because you’re not utilizing the tools available. Keep reading for four key tips on how to pull ahead in pay-per-click marketing.

Use Keyword Tools to Find In-Demand Keywords

When it comes to search engines, there’s no getting around it. You need keywords.

Specifically, you need keywords that are in high-demand with your target audience so that you can optimize them and said target audience can find your content.

How do you find those magical keywords?

A keyword research tool, obviously. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a great free tool to get you heading in the right direction.

The key first step here is to be very specific in your audience persona. You need to know exactly who you’re marketing to so you can optimize the right keywords for them.

From there, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner to figure out what keywords are in high demand and what you’re competing for.

Structure and Organize Your Keywords

Don’t get sloppy with your keywords, either.

Once you have your keywords in mind, you have to break them down into lists of targeted keyword groups related to each other.

For example, a good way to break it down is brand terms, competitive terms, generic terms and related terms. Long-tail keywords (also known as multiple-word phrases) are your friend here.

This will also give you a chance to make sure you’re using negative keywords too, which can help you streamline around the edges for a few extra views you might not get otherwise.

Strong CTA

Also known as your call to action, the thing which gets your viewers to take a certain action in response to your PPC marketing push.

As a rule, your CTAs should be simple and actionable, something that will push the viewer towards immediate action.

Essential words include, but are not limited to: now, get, save, best, free, and you.

Keep it short, sweet and to the point.

Spy on Your Competitors

Fun fact: you can spy on your competitors’ campaigns and use that information to your advantage.

It’s not black hat SEO either. It’s just a tool called SpyFu that allows you to research what keywords your competitors are using and figure out how they’re creating successful ad campaigns from that information.

The Tools to Succeed in PPC Marketing

You need PPC to get ahead. Which also means that you need someone who knows their way around PPC. We can help with that.

Check out our blog for tips on e-commerce, SEO and more, like this post on five great Twitter marketing tools.

But if you need an on-the-ground specialist to help with your next PPC marketing campaign, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a boutique web consulting firm specializing in areas including e-commerce, social media, web development and more.

To get started, head to our contact page.

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